Course Helps

  • Getting Oriented

    • Visual Tutorials
    • Learning platform introductory slideshow
    • Set timezone

      Go to your profile (click on your name in the upper right corner). Under the "Edit profile" tab change the "Timezone" to your local timezone.

    • Where's the Syllabus?

      The syllabus can be found in each course within the "Course Information Folder". Each section of the syllabus can be viewed online.

    • What kinds of technology tools do I need on my computer to access the course contents and features successfully?

      Through your UC Gmail account you will have access

    • Where can I find the academic calendar so that I know start/end dates for the term and which holidays UC recognizes?

      The academic calendar can be found on the UC Course Portal (where you log in to access your courses) under the "Links Central" tile.

    • View deadlines/due dates
    • You can edit your student profile by:

      1. Clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the UC Course Portal
      2. picture of login
      3. Then clicking Profile > Edit Profile and edit whichever fields you need.
      4. picture of settings
  • Assignments

    • Assignments/activities overview
    • Viewing the upcoming activities/assignment deadlines

      The "Upcoming Events" block displays the next 20 due dates and is located on the right hand side of your course home page. If you click on an event will bring up details of that event.

    • Submit/upload assignment
    • View submitted assignments

      To view all assignments in the course go to "Assignments" found in the Course Menu block located on the right hand side. Once an assignment has been submitted the the date will appear in the "Submitted" column. For Turnitin assignments go to "Turnitin Assignments" also in the Course Menu block. 

    • Online text
  • Turnitin Assignments

  • Messaging

  • Calendar

    • Calendar overview
    • Add event to my calendar
    • Edit calendar event
    • Export calendar
    • Import/Integrate UC Online Course Calendar with Google Calendar

      1. In your course click Upcoming Events block > Go to Calendar
      2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Export Calendar"
      3. Choose: Option Export: Events related to courses for: Recent and Next 60 days
      4. Click > Export
      5. Save the file on an accessible location in your computer (i.e. My downloads, or My documents)
      6. Log into Google Calendar and the arrow next to Other Calendars and select "Import Calendar" Select Other Calendars > Import import calendar
      7. Choose the .ics file you downloaded from and your course events will appear in your Google Calendar.